About Us

The Unite The United Foundation is a charitable organization founded by the producers of the Vans Warped Tour and the Rockstar Taste Of Chaos Tour with a mission to encourage fans, artists and industry leaders from the music, touring and lifestyle worlds to come together through charitable contributions, events and volunteer efforts in order to work toward a positive change in our national community.

The Background

Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos founder, Kevin Lyman along with Artist Manger, Laura Murphy formed the Unite the United Foundation just after the Gulf Coast hurricanes hit in 2005. We wanted to do something to involve our community of artists, friends and colleagues in fundraising and raising social awareness. We began collecting donated instruments, music memorabilia, autographed items, sports apparel, basically anything that we could get from the bands, managers, record labels and lifestyle companies that we worked with. After a self taught crash course in how to use eBay we began listing everything for sale on our charity auction. What had started out as a five week charity auction is still running and bigger than ever! Click here to enter the auction! 

We are committed to continuing our charity auctions, creating new charity fundraisers and organizing volunteer efforts.

Between Vans Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos and Unite the United, we have now donated almost a half million dollars to charity.

Unite the United Foundation is committed to raising funds to be donated directly to grass roots organizations that are making a difference in our national community.